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I know you won't believe it's true, I only went with her cause she looks like you

So I was just remembering by the vast ether of You Tube today how much I used to love Pulp. I say used to, because I kind of dropped off at "This is Hardcore". Still, "Babies", "Lipgloss", "Do you remember the first time"..takes me back and all. REM, bloody hell.

Sometimes the music you *used* to listen to is a big bench mark as far as current problems are concerned because hearing those old anthems reminds you that you got through it then and you'll get through it now etc.

So while I listen to the His N Hers album on repeat I thought I'd show people these new Dicky Ticker avatars. Pretty good, huh?

Beatles : Ringo Starr, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, John Lennon.

Love this one.

The full set of music t-shirts avatars can be found by clicking that bit of blue there. Images are free to use as long as they get a credit somewhere along the way. If in doubt, ask em, they're very nice people.

* I didn't make these! Go to http://www.dickyticker.co.uk/ for the full story ladies and gents.
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Every time theres an explosion in yee olde abortion debate I can't help but wonder why anti abortion groups haven't twigged that if you made abortions illegal they would still occur.

An activist war cry of "stop abortion" is a bit like touting "stamp out alcoholism", it's a nice idea but it's not going to happen. Therefore you could better put your time into related causes.

A bunch of ill informed ignorant people waving banners around won't solve all the problems that go into causing abortions, legal or otherwise, to occur. I sometimes wonder if this is the result of dumbing down, the people put so much effort into making little campaigns that ultiamtely just waste time and air.

In the documentary below a woman has a go at some activists for showing gorey images outside a kids shop and i have to say - love free speech as I do - right on. It's the equivalent of showing pictures of a dead plastic surgery addict alongside a shelf full of barbie dolls.


The thing is if you show an abortion activist a picture of a dead adult, often, I find they have an errie ambivalence to it, kind of "meh". Thats the sign of someone who's just got swept away with an idea not someone operating on a well thought out mission to improve society. To a normal person, sure a partial birth abortion image is horrific but an image of a murdered cvilivian in a war zone should be equally so.

If someone is anti-abortion then they should structure a campaign around education on birth control, providing resoruces to people who have abortions for financial reasons etc If you set out with the idea that you're goiong to eliminate abortion by making it illegal then you might as well start a war on drugs in the hope that people will stop taking them....ah wait shit.
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the "stef does the shopping" song

NSFW - on account of all the naughty words - swearing, it's big, it's clever and it's a constant stress relief safety valve that keeps the majority of the population from reaching for the axe

listen to this while driving or in the supermarket
if in the supermarket, have a drink, then listen to this and then go into the shop

if you're not singing along after one minute then I have no respect for you

*edit* - one for the road

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After 5 + years Fluffy Like Razors website is going to end.

Thank you to everyone who has bought, supported and helped me in more ways than I can count.

I know this comes straight after a huge amount of effort going into the project but the further I went with it all the more I realized that it wasn’t right anymore.

If you have a question fire it at me, I will now actually have time to respond to stuff XD The site will remain active with kanji and Japanese themed designs, all else has been deleted. The site as a whole will disappear at some point in the future, I want to leave it there for a while because I know some people have it on portfolios etc, so I don’t want to put anyone out with this decision.

I have made a farewell design, a phoenix, which I hope symbolizes the new beginning etc that can occur after any large project finally bites the dust. It’s not the end, but the beginning, etc.
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You know you need to make more effort when homeless people look you up and down and then don't bother asking for change.

I've also been called "Sir" a couple of times recently :/
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Free Lord of the Rings Stuff

I have a bunch of Lord of the Rings merch that is sitting around in boxes and getting damaged and it is kind of a waste so if anyone wants it gratis then pipe up.

I actually don't know how much there is ,,as tis in boxes. But off hand I know there is a calendar and some figurines and maybe magazines,,can't remember/don't know/ etc.

So if you would like the stuff let me know, I would probably send it to you in dribs and drabs as I find it but I have the calendar thing (365 days each with movie still kind of deal) sat within reach right nao.

I'll send it to UK ppl no probs but it you live overseas it would be appreciated if you could pitch a couple of squid at me for the postage.

OK! So basically shout for the calendar and let me know if you want to get the rest as and when it surfaces.

p.s yes I have not posted for ages life has been insane. Cool stuffs around the corner tho, if I ever get things sorted.